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Pretty corny, although it was interesting to watch. If you have some better writing, use a tripod and better photographs, you can improve your stop motions a great deal. You have talent, but you need to work on your animations, and get the bugs out of the way first.

spoonfed responds:

Thanks for your honest input. I'll take what you said into consideration when I make my next animation.

Not that creative, as you took te whole idea from another video. The animation wasn't that great, and this really should be rated Mature. Overall, not really that great.

Crazymonkey154 responds:

Yes, I KNOW that its idea came from another video. I KNOW this should be rated mature. But for some reason, Newgrounds didn't make it that way.

Really catchy song, the animation isn't that great so I can only give this a 4.5! You have no problem with music creation, you should focus more on your animation skills. The person didn't look realistic enough, the candy seemed more lifelike. Fix this and you can get 5's on all of your animations.

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The best part of this game were the sprites. Everything else was pretty poorly done. The game was buggy, slow, and boring. I felt little motivation to save the hero's girlfriend, it got old so fast. Playing this game was a drag, because of poor performance. If you could fix the bugs, maybe add upgrades or medals, the game would have some interest. But even zombies can't save a bad game.

Nothing that new, and it had some flaws. The timer would often go too early, meaning I could beat levels, even when I should have failed, because the objects were plummeting towards the void below. Overall the game was visually appealing, and relaxing to play, but not much more can be said. It was boring, and not that creative. There are a million games like this, and it did little to stand out on it's own.

Fantastic Game. Great Music, Art, Gameplay, Medals, Storyline, this game has it all. Very well put together, and there are so many elements to the game, it's not as simple as some might first think.

Only complaint was that I didn't understand the marketplace at first, as in, the prices on certain items change each day. That wasn't obvious at the start of the game.

In terms of replay value, I probably won't play it again with the other ships, just because the game took so long to beat. Maybe if you are stuck on including these other ships, they can be ships that are available within the first game? Just a suggestion.

::Spoiler Alert Below::

How to beat the Kraken. Some people were wondering this. It's simple, circle around the map, avoiding the borders, which do damage, and use the fireballs to take out the smaller Krakens. This will break the shield. Then you can circle the main Kraken, and take him out with your main cannons. You will need to Tortoise Shell for this, because you need to be able to take a lot of damage, there is no way to maneuver around the bullets, this isn't a bullet hell game. Once I had the full shell, I beat the Kraken in one try.

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Fantastic piece, I might end up downloading it later, really great work. It's fun, it flows well, all the instruments are good quality, I have no complaints about this song at all. Keep up the good work!

-- I was wondering what program you used for this, and what sort of instruments you used. I've worked in FL Studio, and have been having some trouble locating free orchestral instruments. I've been using DSK Overture, but it causes the song to have static. --

Rinibra responds:

Thank you so much! I use FLS 9, I think the only VST's I used were the pad.

It's alright, although the audio quality is not that great, and the timing felt a little bit off. When I was listening to it, something was bugging me about it, I think it was those things, but it could be something else. This seems like a good piece, you might just need to do another take of it, with better microphones, less compression, and maybe a few practice runs to get everything nice and smooth.

It has potential, but it's not quite there yet.

jim3 responds:

Thank you for the ideas I was Using a cad u1 microphone, I will try it again following your advice and add on to this piece and make it a little bit more complex.

I really like this piece, love the feel and the style of it, really great job. I don't agree with the others though, this shouldn't be longer, it's a really nice length. What I would suggest is making it loop better, and submitting it as a loop, that way it could be used for games. I can imagine this being the background for an art game, or a point and click detective game. Fantastic work, hope to hear more from you in the future.

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Very Cute Design, Great Job

These are really well done, I like how you were able to take a simple design, but make it unique. One thing, they would look better with a little more colour, but other than that, awesome job! Keep up the good work! :D

Cool Beans Man!

This is pretty cool, I love seeing stuff done in Blender. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Check out the Blender website, you should upgrade your Blender version!

Woolybear777 responds:

I know I'm out of date now. I'm must not ready to commit to learning the new UI. :P

Cool, but not much too it.

I understand this is almost all procedural. That being said, when you submit art it shouldn't be procedural, if it is leave it out of the art portal or name it "example name" test or something like that. It's a fairly simple scene, and isn't too creative.
I suggest adding more to it, maybe some insects or small animals, except that may involve more particle systems, if you make small mammals. These are merely suggestions, just try putting more effort next time!

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